Our technology practice works with companies that are considered to be some of the most innovative and technologically advanced in the world, whether they be technology-driven quant trading firms, innovative start ups or VC-backed scale ups. 

If you are passionate about technology and working with the very best colleagues then, no matter what your interests, we probably work with a firm that will offer you the technical challenge you strive for and the long term rewards your deserve. 

Building teams

Campbell North have a proven track record of working closely with companies from building their core pre-launch teams to helping them attract the very best talent to enable them to beat their growth targets.

San Fran to Sydney 

In today's globalised world we are not constrained by geography in our search for the very best talent and most innovative/exciting and disruptive start-ups.

Specialist skill sets

Our consultants are experts in their fields and are therefore able to identify and attarct top talent for the most specific of requirements.

Software Engineering

We partner with firms  as closely as possible, often working with senior management to formulate launch teams or diversify existing teams, as well as helping with ongoing growth - whether it be a quant trading firm or a stealth start-up. We partner to help them source the best possible people in the market, driving expansion and innovation.  


Technology is at the heart of all of our clients and it is utilised to solve some of the worlds toughest challenges. The people they hire are normally the best in their field and passionate about developing complex, best-in-class solutions. If you desire talented colleagues, complex challenges and leading compensation, then all are on offer within our clients.


Technical Leadership

Sourcing the right technical leadership is critical for any company. We have a track record of discreetly sourcing senior technologists for positiosn ranging from CTO and Head of Development to Head of Infrastructure/ML Engineeering/Data Engineering and more.

Core Engineering

We help hire software engineers to work on some of the most advanced software engineering challenges of the modern day, including: Distributed Computing, ML/NLP, Latency Sensitive Applications, Networking, Platform Development, Web Development and more.

Full Stack

We help hire full stack engineers to expand teams working across a number of domains and products. Whether you need frontend or backend inclined engineers, product focused or client facing leaders, we're here to help.



We like to partner with firms from as early as possible, often working with people to formulate launch teams. We have then grown with them to reach their goals, whether that be an IPO and beyond or continuing to grow and build new products.


We partner with Site Reliability Engineers across software and systems that drive their production environment towards reliability and simplicity. They are crucial for the business to operate efficiently, solving the most complex engineering problems across scalability, availability, performance, throughput and latency.

Infrastructure Enginering

Our clients leverage a highly distributed and customized Infrastructure, where every element within its ecosystem needs to work perfectly together, both on and off premises. Whether you're a bare metal Linux engineer, Low latency network engineer or an AWS architect, our clients present the most unique engineering challenges whilst always striving for simplicity and operational quality.

IT Security & Operations

Our clients are all high profile targets for intrusion, moving hundreds of terabytes of sensitive data a day across highly distributed networks. This increases the attack surface area on our clients which has led to a greater emphasis on building out specialised internal security solutions across both software and infrastructure.

Looking for a career move?

Details of live roles are update on our jobs board. Not all positions can be advertised and many are retained. It is therefore best to contact a specialist consultant to discuss all suitable opportunities.

Looking to grow your team?

If you are looking to expand your team, require superior market intelligence or to discuss other services then do not hesitate to contact a specialist consultant.

Looking to join Campbell North?

We are always interested in speaking to experienced recruiters who share our values and have expertise in our markets.