We have a deep network and strong track record of helping build teams for established global quantitaive trading firms, market makers and discreet prop trading firms. We help secure the best talent from established portfolio managers, leading quantitative reseacrhers and specialist technologists.

A global outlook

Our clients look for the very best talent globally and many operate across timezones and financial markets, and so Campbell North has grown our expertise accordingly.

Domain Expertise

Campbell North has a detailed knowledge of the systematic trading space. Understanding the specific nuances of markets, geographies or trading strategies. 

Trusted and Discreet

Campbell North works discreetly with both clients and job seekers alike. Confidentially advising both parties on the best options for them, whether building their teams or furthering their careers.

Quant Trading

Quantitative Trading is a sophisticated area of finance that uses complex algorithms and advanced technology to discover actionable alpha. Campbell North has experienced consultants who understand these complexities and can offer advice on all facets of a move or a hire.

Portfolio Managers

Experienced quantitative trading professionals with P&L responsibility

Quantitative PMs,  will either have a team working for them or be operating as a standalone unit. We guide PM's on who can provide the right mix of  infrastructure, capital and support for their specific needs, whilst helping clients discover the best possible talent.


Quantitative Research

For us it means those with at least 12 months' industry experience 

Quantitative researchers contribute to a collaborative trading book, either identifying trading signals or implementing trading strategies that can either add value to small trading groups or work collaboratively within larger research groups on broader research. Our clients also offer opportunities for experienced researchers who are looking to step up to running their own trading book or for people looking to join a firm/team that is better suited to their skills and career aspirations.

Transitioning to Quant Finance

Moving from industry or academia

Working with people entering quant finance at a graduate/postdoc level as well as transitioning from a relevant domain with Technology, Data Science or postdoctoral research. The common denominators are a strong command of key areas such as statistics/maths/ML, programming and prior experience of complex data analysis. Problems are complex, results can be seen in real time and rewards are high, which is why the best/brightest/most curious minds are attracted and hired  (also see our Data Science market)

Quant Trading Tech

If data is the fuel then technology is the engine driving quantitative trading. Enabling cutting-edge data analytics, real time decision making and nano second execution of trades. Trading decisions are predetermined and fully automated from tick-to-trade with heavy reliance on elegantly crafted high performance systems.

Quant Development

Where technology meets research.

Working closely with quant traders and researchers on a wide variety of tools - building specific technology required by a PM, adapting core tools to purpose, implementing trading strategies or improving execution. Combining the programming skills of a developer with the mathematical ability to work with quants, a unique and rewarding role, with a direct impact on PnL and rewards to match.  

Domain Specialists

Experienced programmers and experts in speciality fields.

High profile projects require expertise and a track record in delivering automated trading technology. Ideal for those with advanced knowledge and experience designing trading systems using major programming languages such as C++, Java or Python. Projects may range from building an entire trading platform for a start-up to rewriting order books, exchange connectivity or programming FPGA's.

Transitioning to Quant Finance

Complex problems, exceptional colleagues and unique rewards.

Increasingly, prior knowledge of trading technology is not a requirement to join a quant finance firm. If you have a passion for building robust, scalable, highly optimised systems you should be considering quant finance. Teams are smaller, roles broader and impact far greater than in big tech. Technical and financial rewards mirror this impact.

Looking for a career move?

Details of live roles are update on our jobs board. Not all positions can be advertised and many are retained. It is therefore best to contact a specialist consultant to discuss all suitable opportunities.

Looking to grow your team?

If you are looking to expand your team, require superior market intelligence or to discuss other services then do not hesitate to contact a specialist consultant.

Looking to join Campbell North?

We are always interested in speaking to experienced recruiters who share our values and have expertise in our markets.